Our Company

REDWIND Contracting Company is an up and coming single source contractor with the most modern specialties in construction contracting activities. It is setting high standards and expertise in the industrial support through constant innovations. We endeavor to render comprehensive solutions meeting or exceeding client mandates and adding value to the projects.

The founder of REDWIND has built a brand based upon quality and service levels with integrity, honesty and excellence being the core principles of the business.

We have been dealing with reputed and renowned companies like Saipem, Saudi Technip, Tekfen Construction, Sinopec, JGC Arabia, Dammam Port Authorities etc by providing value package service to the clients.

REDWIND Jubail Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers professional services to the Petrochemical Industries, Refineries, Power stations and Construction Industry by catering to their requirements. We
are specialized in different fields for serving Industrial sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as…

  • All kind of Equipment Rental & Services
  • All kind of Manpower Supply & Services
  • All kind of Operations and Maintenance Services
    • Civil Construction work & Maintenance Services
    • Electrical Equipments‟ Supply and Services
    • Mechanical Tools/Equipments Supply and Services
  • All kind of Material Supplies

All our Equipment’s such as cranes, Forklifts, Forklifts, wheel Loaders etc. are almost new and all have third party inspected stickers. We are renting generators and tower lights too. Our operators, drivers, riggers, permit receiver are well experienced, professional and having third party certified.

We trust that this brief information find interesting and if any further details needed please let us know for immediate response. We look forward to being of sincere to one and all forever.


REDWIND Contracting Company philosophy is to serve all its customers to their satisfaction with pride and excellence through its extensive experiences, accumulated technology, teamwork, and spirit. It also strive to contribute to the well-being, progress and development of the society in which it operates.


Our mission is to anticipate, meet and exceed customer needs and develop best relations with clients and catch up the market by providing integrated solutions by using modern approaches, innovative technologies and best manpower (selected from all over the world) Indeed our aim is to serve the best to the client and work effectively to reduce the human and financial costs of our valuable clients. We will strive without reserve for the greatest possible Reliability and quality in our products; to be the unsurpassed standards of comparison and to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity and service.


Our unwavering commitment is the delight and best services satisfaction of the clients, industry professionals and shareholders of the market alike. We advocate the policy of customer focus and the development of the clients‟ entrepreneurship go beyond the expectations of the client with quality teamwork and struggle to achieve the aim of to serve the best.